Ocean energy

Welcome aboard DEXAWAVE...

We are team of dedicated engineers, developers and officers, working towards a better future. And it is more than just a phrase: ocean energy is a sustainable resource, powered by wind and nature, that consists of so much energy, that we would never be able to use it - if we could only harness it.
At DEXAWAVE, we are working on scale models of an extremely simple, and yet incredibly complex, ocean energy converter, that consists of two pontoons, moving independently, thus creating energy for each wave, passing under it. Our tests have proved that the design is feesable, yet we still strive to make it even better, before launching our first, commercial product.
Right now, a 1-to-five scale model is collecting valuable data in the North Sea, just outside the Danish port of Hanstholm. These data lay the grounds before the planned launch of a full scale test model outside the Mediterrainean island of Malta, where the potential in ocean energy will hopefully be fully revealed.
If you are interested in investing in ocean energy, be a supplier, work as a student or even be a part of our stille increasing workforce, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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